Training Again…

Runners, at some point, may get injured. It may not even be from running, but could prevent you from running. This happened to me on January 3, 2015. I ran 4 miles in the snow and ice with out maybiteany issues, not even a slip on the ice. After I got home from my run, I leashed the dogs up to take them outside. Literally three steps out my front door, of my apartment building, and BOOM down I went on the ice! Mid-air, I thrusted myself over to the right because I thought I was going to fall right on top of my elderly dog Molly. I landed on my right side and elbow and it hurt like @#$! Once I got back up, I thought “WOW, that is going to leave a mark”. Brushed the snow off me and went on our walk.

It was not until a few weeks later that I started having issues being able to hold a mug or a glass in my right hand without severe pain. OK, something is wrong. I actually went to an upper extremity specialist (had 4 surgeries on my left arm years ago, I know the drill), and sure enough, I had torn a tendon in my right elbow. Started physical torture (ok ok therapy), and was restricted from running (insert sad face here).


Kristen and MK

This went on for months, no running, but I kept eating like I was running… pounds started adding on to me, which put me in a deeper not running depression. Finally in late April, I was given the “OK” to run again. Talk about feeling like I was starting from square one again! I did the 2015 Colfax Half Marathon, but was so out of running shape, I ended up walking most of it.

In June, I hired MK as my run coach – BEST DECISION EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She started me over from square one, low miles and 140 bpm. Now in my 3rd month of training I am soooooooo much stronger and LOVING running again. I’ve lost over 15 pounds and two pant sizes. Now I’m up to a 12 mile run and loving every minute of it! Not craving sugar anymore, stopped eating cookie dough out of the container and just feeling all around healthy again!

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