I Run 4…

I no longer run for myself. In February 2014, I joined the group I Run 4 Michael. It is a group that matches runners with Special Needs individuals from infant to adult. Once matched, which can take several months, you dedicate all of your training and races to that individual.

I Run 4 Maeve

I Run 4 Maeve

April 1, 2014 I was finally matched with my buddy. Meet Maeve, she is a 7.5 year old cheerleader, from Pittsburgh, with Down Syndrome. She is an absolute princess! I am so very lucky to have been matched with her. Her mom shares videos of Maeve cheer-leading, reading, doing math, and sending me inspiration and motivation.  I get so excited when I receive them. She even helped make me a Wonder Woman bracelet with those Rainbow Loom bands. I wear it EVERYDAY! I has helped me get through a lot of tough training, for I know Maeve is with me cheering me on when I see it! Her Wonder Woman pictures she colored for me are framed and hanging on my wall to see everyday.

A facebook group page is used to share photos, posts, training etc. It is great seeing everyone’s posts and communicating back and forth with my buddy Maeve. When I can, I try and send her my race medals, she loves it, especially because that means she GOT MAIL!

One day we will meet in person, but until then, all of my training and races are for her. I Run 4 Maeve!

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