400 Miles

Center Field at Wrigley Field

400 is NOT JUST a Number

400 can mean a lot of different things to many people and situations. In New York, it may mean the NY 400, which is the New York State Route 400 in Erie County. Kentucky thinks of the number 400 as the 400 Mile Sale that spreads through the state. Cub fans think of 400 as the Center Field marker amongst the ivy covered wall. Maybe it is just the number between 399 and 401.

Mile Marker 400

Mile Marker 400

To me the number 400 is another milestone. On Saturday, 6 miles into my 10 mile run, I hit the 400 mile mark for running in 2010! WOOT HOOT AND YIPPEE EYE YEAH!!!!! How sweet is that?

Not only did I reach another goal, but I did it semi-naked.. Yes, I said semi-naked. I always run with my Garmin GPS 205 and my iPod. As I got ready for my run, in front of Road Runner Sports, on went my iPod and a flip of the switch… NOTHING! Turned it on and off a couple times, still NOTHING! That’s it I’m going home and back to bed! Well… I am already up and ready to run, so I decided to stay and tough it out semi-naked.

Flat Irons

The Flatirons

It was a beautiful Colorado morning, with clear blue skies and cooler temperatures. We started at 6:30am, so that helped with the milder temps. Off I went, music free. After about a mile or so, I really started noticing more that I had in the past. Heading West on the Big Dry Creek Trail to Standley Lake was a very familiar run. This run, was different. Birds, crickets,  and toads OH MY! What glorious sounds I was hearing! Is this what running semi-naked is like?! THIS IS GREAT! My run actually felt shorter than a normal 10 mile run, I think is was because I was looking around more to find the sounds I was hearing.

After getting to Standley Lake, I ran along the edge for a while just to hear the water hit the beach. Ah, that with the smell of campfires was perfect. There were a few water skiers out on the lake too. I hit mile 5, so it was time to turn around and head back to the store.

One mile East of the lake is when I hit 400 miles and did a little dance! Not sure if any humans saw me, but I know the hawk in the tree gave me a head tilt. I think he approved, once I told him what the jig was for. That is the great thing about running. Satisfaction can come in the many ways, whether it is a PR (Personal Record), finishing a marathon, hitting milestones, etc. Once back at the store, I celebrated once again by eating a BIG CHOCOLATE DONUT!

400 is not just a number. It is another milestone met, with many more to come.

Run Happy!

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